About Me

My approach to both teaching and performing is to instill joyful curiosity – in both my students and audiences.
In order to do that – it’s important to first cultivate a sense of joyful curiosity one’s own practice.

Woman, wearing glasses, watch green earrings and black blouse, facing right, playing a sliver flute.

Growing up I dreamed of being an artist, musician and writer. All at once. The flute won out when it was time to choose, and after finishing my degree at Hartt, I set off to Finland ‘for a year’ to continue my studies at the Sibelius Academy. Moving to a different culture has allowed me to discover parts of my identity that I believe would have been difficult to access had I stayed in my home country.

My other arts still follow me and continue to inform my work as a flutist, teacher, and ensemble director. I encourage my students to incorporate their ‘other arts’ into performances. Sometimes dancing, drawing, or even going for a walk with a camera is the best way not only to clear one’s head and help remain present and aware in practice, but can also help develop musical ideas.

As a teacher, my curiosity leads me to find ways to approach each individual student in a unique way. Working without written music – improvising – has become an important part of that approach both with my private students, as well as the ensembles I work with. Using non-written exercises with my individual students develops listening and technical skills, musical (including theoretical) understanding, and through that, confidence in performance.

If you feel as though you need help rediscovering a sense of joyful curiosity in your own practice, or in working with students and ensembles, contact me to find out how I can help.